Guidelines for Sustainable Bioplastics


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These guidelines were initially developed specifically to address plastics produced from agricultural products. However, we anticipate that these guidelines will be applicable to a wider range of emerging plastics and chemicals derived from a diverse set of biobased materials including forestry products and other cellulosic feedstocks. While establishing a goal of 100% biobased material content, the guidelines acknowledge the role of blends with fossil-fuel-based materials in the transition and address increasing sustainability of these blends.

The product applications considered explicitly in the development of this document are disposable food service products (such as cups, utensils, and take-out containers), packaging (such as bottles and produce trays), bags, consumer fabric items (such as towels and clothing), and interior finish building materials (such as carpet and wall guards), but this document is intended to have broader applicability. An ongoing revision process is expected as technologies and understanding of their impacts improve in this rapidly evolving field.