There are many farming practices used to yield a sustainable crop. Avoiding genetically modified (GM) seeds, harmful pesticides, and mono-cropping are a few of them. In the U.S., over 85% of all corn is genetically modified. The Working Landscape Certificate (WLC) program is an offset program that supports more sustainable farming practices.  Natureworks Source Offset program supports farmers that grow GM-free corn.  Both of these programs demonstrate that a growing market exists for such crops. The following are examples of manufacturers working with farmers to improve agricultural production by encouraging sustainable crop production.

Stonyfield Farms in 2010, the New Hampshire-based company purchased Working Landscapes Certificates for the production of corn-based multipack yogurt containers. Purchase of these offsets brought 500 acres into sustainable corn production and supported two farmers. With Danone’s participation, the program expanded in 2011 to approximately 1400 acres and five farmers.

Novamont of Novara, Italy collaborated with Coldiretti, a local farm co-op of 600 farmers, to locally source vegetable oils and starch for their plant.