The biomaterial industry is developing rapidly and many companies are making products ranging from bottles and foodservice ware, to durable textiles and automotive parts. Some are 100% biobased and others are a blend with petroleum. There are products that are designed to biodegrade in different environments and others that are recyclable.

The following are examples of a variety of products made from biobased materials and produced by different companies. The Sustainable Biomaterials Collaborative does not endorse any of the companies listed below. This list will be expanded on a continual basis.


Product Company
Soy seats Ford, John Deere


Product Company
Phone cases Bioserie


Product Company
Food serviceware Multiple companies
Packing material Ecovative
Compostable bags Multiple companies
Coolers Green cell foam
Bottles CocaCola, PepsiCo

Textiles and Apparel

Product Company
Shoes OAT, Arkema
Eyeglasses Teijin, Oculus3D
Watches Sprout
Carpet Eco2punch