OAT Debuts World’s First Certified-Biodegradable Leather Sneakers

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Jasmin Malik Chua

The Dutch label that invented a sneaker that sprouts flowers is gunning for another first: the world’s premier certified-biodegradable leather shoe. OAT’s new “Limited Skin” collection is a series of vividly hued high- and low-tops lined with organic-cotton fleece and soft pique cotton. The leathers, a product of Hulshof Royal Dutch Tanneries in Lichtenvoorde, are tanned using nontoxic agents and 100 percent biodegradable when you bury them underground.



“When Hulshof approached us with ots mission to make the first certified-biodegradable leather in the world, we jumped to the opportunity to be their launching customer,” says Christiaan Maats, OAT’s founder and head designer. “We wanted to support their initiative and we thought some blazing colors would be a good way for people to dribble the dark days of winter.”

OAT is only making 360 pairs, which will ship sometime in October, although you can pre-order them now.

The “Limited” in “Limited Skin” isn’t mere hyperbole—OAT is only making 360 pairs, which will ship sometime in October. You can pre-order the shoes, which are available in cobalt blue, moss green, chocolate brown, and blood red, through OAT’s online store for between €179 and €199. If leather isn’t your shtick, a limited number of OAT’s “Virgin” canvas shoes can still be yours for the taking.

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