PLA-Recycling On the Way – Danone’s New Partner

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European Bioplastics Bulletin

A closed loop system for PLA including all steps of the value chain: this is what RE|PLA Cycle GmbH, a subsidiary of the German Reclay Group, is aiming at. “Market interest for PLA is immense, we have numerous international requests from companies as well as political and scientific institutions,” says Dr. Edmund Stassen, Managing Director of the Reclay Group.

“PLA will only manage a breakthrough in the plastics market, if recycling solutions are in place. We are therefore currently developing corresponding services in cooperation with all relevant market participants,” adds Raffael A. Fruscio, shareholder of the Reclay Group.

According to RE|PLA Cycle, closed PLA-cycles have been successfully created in the post-industrial field (e.g. production waste of manufacturers and converters). During pilot projects in sorting and recycling facilities processes were optimised, and the necessary logistic infrastructure was implemented.

Moreover, RE|PLA Cycle focuses on solutions for post-consumer products made from PLA which can be collected via the “yellow bag” (collection for recyclable packaging material) and fed into the existing recycling streams. Just recently the brandowner Danone announced a cooperation with RE|PLA Cycle with regard to the recycling of its PLA-Activia cups.

RE|PLA Cycle is targeting overall systems as well as singular projects. “Currently we are conducting pilot projects with PLA-recyclates and the results are quite positive,” says Dr. Edmund Stassen, Managing Director of the Reclay Group.

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